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    Vegetarian Biryani

    An assortment of seasonal, locally grown vegetables, cooked in a yogurt gravy and Layered with fragrant long grain basmati rice. Its colorful, aromatic, and healthy and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

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    Chicken Biryani

    A delicious rice bowl fully loaded with marinated juicy Chicken pieces, long grain basmati rice and rich authentic Indian spices. Country chicken is marinated overnight in a mixture of freshly grounded spices layered

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    Boneless Chicken Biryani

    A classic biryani delicious in taste full of flavor with soft tender bites of chicken thighs marinated overnight in a mixture of freshly ground spices, with hung curd and deep-fried onions, layered with long grain basmati rice

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    Lamb Biryani

    A delicious biryani consists of aromatic rice and succulent overnight marinated lamb. Each component is delicious in its own way, and they are layered together with semi cooked, long grain basmati rice

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*All Dawat-E-Aam biryani comes with complimentary raita.Prices are exclusive of GST.


*All Dawat-E-Khas biryani comes with complimentary raita with Mirchi ka Salan.